The Limit Does not Exist

(shameless Mean Girls Reference)

Hello EMD Users,


I have owned this site now for the entirety of five months. In this time, my knowledge of code and market data has grown immensely and I have conversed and formed bonds with more EVE players than I ever did before this.

Today, I hope to further that and the longevity of the website by announcing that any limitations to data because you weren’t a donator are now gone. No more limitations on deals when you query for a region. No more limited amounts of deals found along trade routes. Everyone will now be on an equal footing and equal usage of the data.

However, the server and development costs still exist. With this change in pace, I hope that all of you will continue to donate to and support the website, because without your donations, this site would cease to exist. I therefore ask all of you to continue your donations. For those that have supported the site in the past, we thank you greatly for your support. For those that yet to donate, we hope that you begin to do so to support us. This is the community’s go-to website for the suite of marketing tools. WE support this site, together.



PHP/MySQL Developer Wanted.

Hello EMD users,


Due to the amount of work I have now, I am in need of more developers to assist me with EMD. I am looking for people with knowledge in PHP and MySQL. Knowledge in JSON parsing and reading extremely large log files of said parsing is a plus. Eve-mail Suzee Sasen in game if you are interested.

Compensation would be in isk and/or dollars (isk preferred) and would be discussed on a one-on-one basis.

Problems with Age of Data and Lack Thereof.

Hello EMD users,

It has been brought to our attention that some items are devoid of orders, even when some orders actually exist. For example, look at Harbinger Blueprint. We have begun investigating this and will post updates with progress as we gain new information.

It has been brought to our attention that the age of data is on average >30 minutes. We will be working to see what we can do to bring this down in the future, but for now it will remain as it does take awhile to parse through all the regions of New Eden.

We ask for your continued patience as we work to resolve these issues and would again like to thank our supporters for continuing to trust us as the go-to source for EVE’s market data.

Stock Station tool restored

Hello EMD users,


The Stock Station tool has been restored to original functionality. It involved a ton of coding to change over from eve-kill to zkill. Try it out and eve-mail Suzee Sasen with any issues. Thank you for your continued patience.

Data is Consistent, Moving Forward

Hello EMD users,


The data flows are deemed consistent enough that we can now turn our attention and resources towards other tool issues. If you know of something that isn’t working the way it should, please eve-mail Suzee Sasen or comment on this post. Even if the issue has already been addressed in our task-list here, please reiterate it just so I know it’s still an issue.


If you haven’t already, please consider donating to help pay for our dev work and server costs, or spreading the word about the website and all it has to offer for capsuleers. We greatly appreciate your continued patience and support.

Fix one of Two in Place, Monitoring…

Fix one of two for the trawlers is in place. We’re monitoring the data feeds, and so far the data is coming in much more reliably with much less downtime now. We’ll continue to monitor the patch. Please eve-mail Suzee Sasen with any issues.

Problem Identified with Data Flows

Hello EMD users,

For those that haven’t been following, for the past month or so we’ve been having spotty issues with the data flows. The problem has been now identified as the way data is retrieved from the CREST API. For trade hub regions, the data is broken up into several messages that we receive. Before this, all data for each region came in a single message. Every time  a new message for a region is received, the old data is deleted if it doesn’t exist in the new data.

With that said, a fix is currently being developed for our trawlers and will be implemented in the near future. For now, data will be sporadic, as implementing any sort of temp fix before the trawlers are fixed in the next two weeks would be premature. Any questions may be mailed in-game. Thank you for your continued patience.