Monthly Archives: November 2011

Downtime, etc

Sorry about the downtime again, this time it’s either running out of drive space or “optimize table items_history” locking up everything.  I’m looking at splitting up items_history into multiple tables, or maybe switching to innodb for row-level locking.

“trusted sites” problem fixed

Any of the pages that required trust from the IGB were erroring out (infinite loop trying to get trust).  It turns out that nginx (the web server) doesn’t normally allow custom HTTP headers with an underscore in them.

Adding “underscores_in_headers on;” to the nginx conf fixed the problem.

Moved to new server!

We’re now hosted on VPS at – it’s been great so far!  Hopefully this will speed everything up (it’s now nginx+php-fpm+php+mysql on one box).

I’m sure there will be problems, so please please please either mail kallahar or join the in-game channel eve-marketdata to let me know!