Monthly Archives: January 2012

Updated type names

Crucible 1.1 update 2 changed the name of a bunch of missiles to make them easier to understand.  Those changes have been updated for the market data, and I wrote a new tool to make it MUCH easier to keep the names in sync in the future.

If you notice any items missing, or any typos, etc please let me know!

Server upgraded!

Okay, sucked it up and am paying an extra $10 now for 25% more disk space and 25% more RAM.  Should make everything faster!  Let me know (best place is in-game channel eve-marketdata) if you find any problems!



Sorry about the downtime!

1) Table items_selling became corrupted (it happens)

2) Ran out of disk space, repair failed

3) At some point in the last two months apache got installed, which failed to bind to port 80, but which also rewrote one of the nginx configuration files.  When I restarted nginx, apache took over.  When I removed apache, the bad conf file broke nginx.

So everything should be fixed right now, it’ll process the 70,000 queued uploads over the next few hours.  Basically I need to throw more money at the server, or I need to remove the history database download from the developers section, or I need some IRL cash coming in to pay for upgrades :)


Login problems fixed

Hey! Finally tracked down that login problem, thanks to Eva Evotori’s help. Turns out the cookie was being set to the domain when it should have been (one . in the front). Huge PITA to track that one down :) So, stock station, sell my hanger, etc should all be working correctly now.