Monthly Archives: March 2012

Trade Route and Deal Finder awesomeness (and fixes)

The Trade Route tool is proving to be quite popular! And of course that means lots of minor bugs to fix.  In this case the biggest one was how it was calculating what items were profitable.  My first design created a big array of buy/sell items and ran through it until there were no profitable items left.  This worked great for, say, 1MN Afterburner I’s, but when it tried to do Biomass it tried to allocate like 150,000,000 array lines, which of course means PHP ran out of memory for that process.

The new design breaks it up correctly, is blindingly fast, and  should work for any volume.

For the Deal Finder a bunch of scams got through the scam filter and were showing as great deals.  I identified and removed 119 scams last night, if you find any more please let me know.  All buy orders that have qty_avail == qty_min are now treated as scams.

As always, please report any problems to Kallahar or in the eve_marketdata channel.

D’oh, lots of errors in orders

Whoops, identified a bug where a bunch of orders were being processed incorrectly.  I accidentally had a section of code inside a for loop when it should have been one level outside.  This affects a whole bunch of prices, I’ve got all my accounts updating Jita so that data should be correct within about 3 hours.

This primarily affected the “buy” orders, it affected all regions.

New data dumps!

Thanks to a user’s great idea, there are now a few more mysql data dumps generated nightly:

mysql_items_buying_jita.txt.gz (Jita 4-4 only)
mysql_items_selling_jita.txt.gz (Jita 4-4 only)
mysql_items_history_theforge_90.txt.gz (The Forge Only, last 90 days)



uploader fixed!

Fixed!  Took forever to track down, turns out the program would work fine the first time, but the second time it wasn’t clearing out the queue of queries to run, so it was exponentially running the same queries over and over and over.

The good news is that the new code is so amazingly blazing fast that the ENTIRE 50,000 upload queue was processed in about 10 minutes!

Everything is caught up now, if you find anything odd (like data not updating, incorrect data even though you just uploaded it, etc) please let me know.

Uploading delays

Due to a performance bug a lot of the uploads aren’t being processed very quickly.  That tied with my main computer going down yesterday means this might take a day to fix.  All the uploads you do are being queued, they just won’t show up yet.

User system has changed!

When I first added API features (sell my hanger, outbid check, etc) I had decided to use the API info directly.  You put in your api ID and key to log in.

When CCP changed to APIv2 it was a lot more work to try to remember your key info, I know I had to constantly go back to the API page to find out my info which was getting very frustrating.

So, the new system!  You can now log in with your *character name* and a password you choose.  When you register you’ll need an API key (no permissions needed).  This will make it much easier for you to easily log in.  If you want to log in with multiple characters just register multiple times.  In the eyes of the site they’re all considered separate users.

This will also make it *much* easier on me to develop new features that use the eve API.

If you have any problems please eve-mail Kallahar