User system has changed!

When I first added API features (sell my hanger, outbid check, etc) I had decided to use the API info directly.  You put in your api ID and key to log in.

When CCP changed to APIv2 it was a lot more work to try to remember your key info, I know I had to constantly go back to the API page to find out my info which was getting very frustrating.

So, the new system!  You can now log in with your *character name* and a password you choose.  When you register you’ll need an API key (no permissions needed).  This will make it much easier for you to easily log in.  If you want to log in with multiple characters just register multiple times.  In the eyes of the site they’re all considered separate users.

This will also make it *much* easier on me to develop new features that use the eve API.

If you have any problems please eve-mail Kallahar


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