Trade Route and Deal Finder awesomeness (and fixes)

The Trade Route tool is proving to be quite popular! And of course that means lots of minor bugs to fix.  In this case the biggest one was how it was calculating what items were profitable.  My first design created a big array of buy/sell items and ran through it until there were no profitable items left.  This worked great for, say, 1MN Afterburner I’s, but when it tried to do Biomass it tried to allocate like 150,000,000 array lines, which of course means PHP ran out of memory for that process.

The new design breaks it up correctly, is blindingly fast, and  should work for any volume.

For the Deal Finder a bunch of scams got through the scam filter and were showing as great deals.  I identified and removed 119 scams last night, if you find any more please let me know.  All buy orders that have qty_avail == qty_min are now treated as scams.

As always, please report any problems to Kallahar or in the eve_marketdata channel.


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