Monthly Archives: April 2012

Faction/Officer/etc mods added

With the Inferno expansion CCP (finally!) put all the faction, deadspace, storyline, and officer mods onto the regular market.  This is excellent news for everyone except the faction-contracts-career people.  For the rest of us it means easier access to all these great mods, and regular market forces to get the prices to their actual value.

In practice this means an increase of about 25% to the number of items on the market.  Now at  7,935 items.

In addition, I added a new script that will look for items people are uploading that are not in the database, so some old items that weren’t on the list are now going to be added (like Compressed Arkonor, stuff like that).



New Feature: Station Rank

Due to popular demand I added the new Station Rank page.  Actually just one guy but he really really wanted it, and it’s an awesome feature.

Curious about where the trade hubs are?  Or are you trying to create a trade hub and can’t really tell if your hard work is actually making a difference?  Now you can find out easily!

Go to Reports, then Station Sales, pick your station and there’s a link to “View Rank History”.  It shows the rank, order count, total value, and average order price for that station over time.  The stats started collecting just a few days ago, but it will update at downtime every day now.

As always the data is only as good as the amount of people uploading data, so keep those uploads coming!


JSON changes live

The changes to JSON mentioned previously have been moved to production.  They should all be correct now.  As always if you find *any* bugs (even typos) please let me know.  All you wonderful people are my QA team, lol.



Upcoming changes to API for JSON

I’m about to rewrite how all the JSON API calls work.  I think very very few people are using them (partly because I think they don’t return proper json), but if anyone really doesn’t want me to change it please let me know ASAP.

The new code will be using the PHP  json_encode() function, so it should be much more standards-compliant.


Bug on API for buy order ranges

Bug: /api/item_orders for “buy” always returns 0 for the range.

Whoops, tracked down the bug some people were reporting that all of the ranges for buy orders in the API were zero.  That wasn’t literally true, but there was a bug that caused all new data (from the last few weeks) that was uploaded to have the range on the buy orders entered into the database as zero.   I fixed the bug, but unfortunately all the bad data is still there, that will probably take a few weeks to clear out.  Sorry about that!


New feature!

Added a pretty awesome new feature.  Mining!  Though I personally know very little about mining, the prices are obviously very important.  So there’s now a Mining page that has a quick list of every ore, every mineral, ice, even all the PI and moon products and reactions.

If there’s some important calculation that I don’t know about please let me know and I can add it!



Minor Improvements

The Deal Finder can now be sorted by Total Profit or by Profit/Volume.

Deal Finder, Stock Station, and Trade Routes now show the “Data Age” which is how long ago the data was updated.  So if it’s red and says “20 days ago” maybe you should double check that data before buying it.  I’ll try to include that on every page now!

All pages that let you seach now don’t care about case, so you can just type in and hit submit and it (should) work!