Monthly Archives: June 2012

API Upgrades!

Great new changes to the API!  (Note that this doesn’t break anything, just adds functionality).

You can  now pass in one or multiple of regions, solarsystems, or stations into all of the API requests.  So, for example, you can get the prices in Amarr for your Google Docs spreadsheet!  To get this working required rewriting how a the prices are calculated, but I finally got it done and it’s awesome.

The only change was a bug found on the .txt version of the items_history2 page.  It was returning two type_id’s.  This has been fixed.  XML and JSON did not change.

Let me know if anything is incorrect, especially if you’re getting any prices that seem wonky!



New Mining page!

The Mining page – has been updated.  It’s *much much much much* more useful now.  The Ore and Ice pages now show you the expected isk/hour you can make mining each type (updated daily).  It’s also formatted to a much more logical layout that is very easy to understand.  It took me several days to figure out how the mining yield calculations work, eve is hard!  :)

Changes to the Buy Calculations

A few days ago I was researching some mineral prices and I saw that Arkonor was listed as being extremely cheap (clearly a bug). So I started digging into it. We all know that people can game the markets by putting in ridiculously low buy orders. This pulls the average price down, so people don’t get that pesky alert boxes about the price being too low. Anyone who glances at the prices can obviously spot the scams (ie, a billion units of trit at 0.01isk). However it took two days to figure out how to do it automatically. I just deployed the changes, the prices should be much more accurate now, including markets that aren’t being obviously gamed.

Here’s a screenshot of an un-gamed set of items:

And a screetshot of gamed items:

You can see why it took two days to figure this out…

To see a list of the Jita price changes go here:

And the list of 5pct changes: