Changes to the Buy Calculations

A few days ago I was researching some mineral prices and I saw that Arkonor was listed as being extremely cheap (clearly a bug). So I started digging into it. We all know that people can game the markets by putting in ridiculously low buy orders. This pulls the average price down, so people don’t get that pesky alert boxes about the price being too low. Anyone who glances at the prices can obviously spot the scams (ie, a billion units of trit at 0.01isk). However it took two days to figure out how to do it automatically. I just deployed the changes, the prices should be much more accurate now, including markets that aren’t being obviously gamed.

Here’s a screenshot of an un-gamed set of items:

And a screetshot of gamed items:

You can see why it took two days to figure this out…

To see a list of the Jita price changes go here:

And the list of 5pct changes:


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