Monthly Archives: August 2012

Now using EMDR & EVEMon!

It took a lot of work, but we’re now taking upload data from the EVE Market Data Relay project!  That means that the new version of EVEMon (a great tool) uploads data to us!

That also means that we’re taking in about 10x more uploads, which is several hundred thousand a day.  The old uploaders still work just fine, but if you want to switch to EVEMon feel free!


As always please mail me in-game if you find any bad data!

items_history changed

Similar to the previous post, the id column has been removed from the items_history and items_history_30 tables.  The primary key is now region_id, type_id, date

The columns marketgroup_id and group_code have also been removed (you can still look them up in eve_inv_types if you really want them).  This also applies to the items_history2 API call (but based on my logs no one was using that “feature” anyway).

Tables items_selling and items_buying changed

In the quest for better performance I had to change the mysql table definition for items_selling and items_buying.  The column (and primary key) id has been removed.

For about the last 2 years the order_id has been a unique number in eve (when they changed to 32/64 bits).  I know this will be annoying for some of you, but it’s now the “correct” way, since the old id was an arbitrary number and not actually a good primary key.

EMDR and possible slow/downtime

I’m working on integrating the EMDR feed (LOTS of new data), but it’s likely there will be some slow times or even some downtime. Last night’s attempt resulted in about 6 hours of the History table being unavailable. Please bear with me, it’ll be totally worth it once I rewrite a bunch of code to handle the load.

New min/max feature

You can now get the min/max values instead of the best price on both the google docs api and on the regular item prices api calls. Just pass in &minmax=min or &minmax=max