Monthly Archives: September 2012

Corp/Alliance Tax Rates

I just added some new Google Docs API’s so that you can get corp info, alliance info, item names and volumes, etc. I thought I’d check what the tax rates are for everyone in the game. Here’s some interesting stats! All of the calculations are weighted by member count.


Universe wide average 9.42%
Sov-holding average 12.74%
Non-sov holding average 7.28%

Top sov-holding averages

Test Alliance Please Ignore 14.52%
Against ALL Authorities 10.23%
Goonswarm Federation 14.74%
Intrepid Crossing 11.44%
RED.OverLord 10.27%
Solar Citizens 12.03%
Northern Coalition. 8.19%


New API’s!

New API’s are now deployed, you can get the static data such as type name, region name, even alliance name.  Plus you can get some (possibly) interesting data such as “total value of all items by region” which is a really really big number!

API Oops 404’s

Oops, I’m working on adding a ton of new API’s for Google Docs and I accidentally deleted part of the URL rewriting section of the nginx configuration file, so all the API calls started giving 404 errors.

It’s fixed now, sorry about that! The new API features will be totally worth it.

New Charting Goodness

The History tab when checking prices is now fully chartified which should make it *much* easier to interpret.  It’s also all done in html5 and works great in-game!