Monthly Archives: January 2013

API Changed – removed group_code

I have removed all references to the “group_code” field, this was used on a few pages, including some API calls.  Barely anyone was using it, and it was too much of a management headache to keep it updated.  So it has been removed.

New Feature: Stock Station based on losses

New (AWESOME) feature!  On the Stock Station page you can now get a list based on the most recent losses in the region (optionally filtered by alliance).

So, for example, I’m based in HED-GP with TEST.  I want to stock the station, so I put in HED-GP and TEST.  The page then gives me the most recent losses by TEST in Catch.  Then I can stock the items that are profitable!

The data comes from eve-kill, and I’ll work on getting the period more intuitive, how the eve-kill api works is a bit esoteric.

As always, if you find a bug please eve-mail me!

Downtime – Sorry!

Sorry about the downtime, memcache crashed while I was sleeping.  Easy fix.  I added new monitoring code that should text me when mysql, memcache, or the upload processor scripts go down.

Bug fix: sell my hanger

Fixed a bug where Sell My Hanger wasn’t returning data. It should be working correctly now!