Monthly Archives: May 2013

New Feature: Item Sales Rank!

Similar to how the Station Rank works, there’s now an Item Rank!

It takes a daily snapshot of all of the buy and sell orders and ranks the items by that. ┬áThis is different than the “History” data because it’s a snapshot of what’s *on* the market, NOT what has been sold that day.

The data is updated at downtime, and there’s about 4 days of data so far.

It can also be accessed by the API.

Please let me know if there are any bugs or unexpected data!


New UI feature

You can now remove “isk” and “m^3” site-wide by going to “edit user” and using the new radio button. This allows some users who have “export to excel” options to directly export the data (or you can copy/paste, etc) without the tags.

If you find any pages that *don’t* work as expected please let me know.