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I’ll be at EVE Vegas again this year, feel free to seek me out if you want to talk, praise me, demonize me, or just have drinks.  The party on top of the Rio hotel sounds awesome!  Last year I got drunk, yelled at a bunch of people with funny accents, woke up the next day and found out most of them were CCP employees.  :)

October 18-20th, 2013


Upload Stats from yesterday’s fix




Yesterday’s fix made the stats look MUCH nicer, and it should be fixing the problems that were cropping up with uploads not all working when running deal finder.  Check out this graph, the current upload rate is about 1000 uploads/minute.

192 new history uploads (219 rejected because we already had newer data)

354 new orders uploads (153 rejected because we already had newer data)



History bug fixed! (hopefully)

I think I *finally* fixed that history bug that many people have reported.  The problem ended up being performance related code which was ignoring data older than the date of the last update.  So, if someone uploaded history when looking at the “5 day” view, and then someone uploaded with “year”, everything in between was being ignored.

So, the data is now updating, it’ll take a while for all the new data to filter in though.  As the history is uploaded per item per region the data should get fixed automatically.

Sorry about the inconvenience, this was a huge hassle to track down!