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Site for Sale

Site For Sale

I started this site many years ago as a personal project.  I made tools that I wanted, and I’ve made enough money to cover the server and make billions of isk.  The challenge of running both a very popular server as well as the challenge of writing code to process a huge amount of data has been an amazing experience.

In the last 2-3 years my life has changed substantially and I haven’t been able to play the game nor do anything beyond basic updates to the site.  Many people still love and use this site, so I don’t want to just shut it down.  I’d like it to go to someone who wants to continue its development and make it greater.

I’m selling the whole thing: code, database, domain, blog, development info, and the eve-marketdata character in game.

The cost is $500.00US.  I’m putting a price on it because I want to make sure the site goes to someone with some skin in the game.  It also has the potential to make that money back fairly quickly, or to expand on the money making options.  The site is currently cash-flow-positive, with server expenses around $30/month and income around $90.


Info & Stats:

  • Debian VM hosted at Linode
  • PHP, nginx, mysql, memcache
  • Beta is about 1GB files + 2.2GB database
  • Production is about 4.5GB (part of that is daily logs) + 26GB database
  • about 830,000 http pageloads per day (18,000 pages, rest are API)
  • Income per month:  $60-$150/mo, plus 1-4 billion isk
  • 20-60 paid users, 16,000 unique character visits.

Please contact me via email at if you have a serious interest.  Upon payment via paypal I’ll give you the passwords to everything, and then you can switch billing over to your name.  This is a 100% sale – you can do literally anything you want with the site.

Thank you!