Monthly Archives: April 2016

Citadel Update

All new items, up to and including those released in the Citadel patch, have been added to the database.

Payment Update

Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of updates lately as I’ve been tied up with other issues, but I’m clearing up the schedule and will be back on track with updating the item data ASAP.

As a quick FYI, as you all know, we did not receive the EveMarketData character with when we took over the site, as that is against CCP’s rules. However, we have been honoring ISK donations┬áto that character in order to streamline the transition. From now on though, all ISK donations┬áneed to be made to the Eve-MarketData corporation directly in order to add time to your account here.

Look forward to more updates soon, especially with the upcoming changes to CREST that CCP is showcasing at FanFest 2016!