Citadel Update

All new items, up to and including those released in the Citadel patch, have been added to the database.


2 responses to “Citadel Update

  • Dywas Ornatos


    Grats on the effort to keep the site up!
    Is there any way to actively help w/ the price history datapoint being updated?

    Certain items currently report no results for quite a long time, e.g. Compressed Prismatic Gneiss ( )

    Can only start getting data at 124 days, which is obviously unreliable as it’s outdated.

    I tried running EVEMon while searching the market for all the items I noticed had lacking data (they are part of a spreadsheet I made), as well as using the Manual Uploader, both didn’t really help at all.


  • Cheers!

    Have you considered increasing the maximum returned results now that there are more than 10,000 different items in the eve market?

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