Monthly Archives: June 2016

Data issues

Hello EMD users,


We are starting to narrow the problem of no data down. It seems that possibly the firehose we hook into has gone dark. We are continuing to get to the root of the issue and will keep you updated as news becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience

NOTE: If you can help out, we have devs that do required to be paid for their wonderful help (they really are great). Any donations of either isk or cash via paypal would be greatly appreciated. Contact Suzee Sasen for any questions or concerns.

Living Task List/PHP coder wanted!

Hello EMD faithful users!

I have started a task list to help myself and others keep track of what has already been reported as an issue, which can be seen by clicking here. Send any issues not on this list via eve-mail to Suzee Sasen.

Also, I am looking for a PHP coder to assist me in restoring some functionality to the site. If you, or someone you know knows PHP and wants to help while getting their pockets stuffed with iskies at the same time, have them or yourself send an eve-mail to Suzee Sasen. Thanks!

Issues With Automatic Subbing

Hello EMD users!




EMD Ownership Change (wait, again?)

Yes, you heard right readers. Ownership of EMD has changed hands (again). Here’s the tl;dr version:

  • New owner Suzee Sasen in-game name
  • Transition going as planned, eve-mail Suzee Sasen for any issues comments or concerns.
  • Data stream is fixed, so up-to-date data should be flowing


So with the new change of ownership, I’ll be looking to make sure that all functionality is fully restored. With this said, I do ask that all of you bear with me, as this will be a learning experience for us all. The best way you can help me is by pointing out any issues that you may find. Even better, if you have any sort of advice that may point me in the right direction to fix found issue, I’d greatly appreciate it. Eve-mail anything to Suzee Sasen. I look forward to a wonderful improvement and running of the site!

Site Downtime/CREST Unleashed

So, a funny thing happened when CCP released the latest CREST update— things got a lot faster. Instead of pulling a single item type per region per request, CREST was now allowing us to pull ALL market orders for a region, up to 10,000 results per request. Needless to say, things started picking up speed.

The downside was that the site wasn’t built to handle this sort of throughput. Log files that would usually be archived and moved every day were suddenly filling up our entire 100+GB partition in a matter of minutes, causing the site to hang. Along with memory cache issues because of the now massive data arrays we were creating with the new volume, Eve-Marketdata’s server stumbled back every time it tried to bring itself back up.


TLDR: We went from sipping from a straw to trying to drink from a fire hose and made a bit of a mess before we got used to the flow. Everything is back up and running now and you’ll notice that we’re now getting MUCH more frequent market updates. Hooray!