Monthly Archives: July 2016

Fix one of Two in Place, Monitoring…

Fix one of two for the trawlers is in place. We’re monitoring the data feeds, and so far the data is coming in much more reliably with much less downtime now. We’ll continue to monitor the patch. Please eve-mail Suzee Sasen with any issues.

Problem Identified with Data Flows

Hello EMD users,

For those that haven’t been following, for the past month or so we’ve been having spotty issues with the data flows. The problem has been now identified as the way data is retrieved from the CREST API. For trade hub regions, the data is broken up into several messages that we receive. Before this, all data for each region came in a single message. Every time  a new message for a region is received, the old data is deleted if it doesn’t exist in the new data.

With that said, a fix is currently being developed for our trawlers and will be implemented in the near future. For now, data will be sporadic, as implementing any sort of temp fix before the trawlers are fixed in the next two weeks would be premature. Any questions may be mailed in-game. Thank you for your continued patience.

Guess what’s back (the data)

Hello EMD users,

The majority of all market data is showing up again on the front end. We’re going to be adding some logging into place so we can see exactly what’s happening when the data goes down again. We’re nearly to the root of the problem. Thanks again for your continued patience.


NOTE: Please help us out if you can with donations. Our devs do require payment, and that’s done with donations like yours. They’ve been instrumental with restoring functionality thus far, and will continue to do so, so if you can, help us to keep them paid and happily coding! :)

And yet another data flow update

Hello EMD users,

Any data that we are receiving into the db is now showing on the front-end for your consumption. We are now on the path to figure out why we aren’t receiving all the data that is pumping out through the firehose. We’ll keep you updated here. Thank you for your continued patience.

Data Flow Update

Hello EMD users,

It has been determined that the problem was two-fold. One, our endpoint went dark for awhile and is now back up. Two, CREST has been experiencing difficulties for the past few days, which led to the lack of data. 

Even though both of these are back up, a-lot of the data we’re receiving is coming with a solar system I’d of 0, which confuses the site because it doesn’t know where to place the order. We are continuing to work on the issue and appreciate the continued patience. EVE mail us in game with any questions.