The Limit Does not Exist

(shameless Mean Girls Reference)

Hello EMD Users,


I have owned this site now for the entirety of five months. In this time, my knowledge of code and market data has grown immensely and I have conversed and formed bonds with more EVE players than I ever did before this.

Today, I hope to further that and the longevity of the website by announcing that any limitations to data because you weren’t a donator are now gone. No more limitations on deals when you query for a region. No more limited amounts of deals found along trade routes. Everyone will now be on an equal footing and equal usage of the data.

However, the server and development costs still exist. With this change in pace, I hope that all of you will continue to donate to and support the website, because without your donations, this site would cease to exist. I therefore ask all of you to continue your donations. For those that have supported the site in the past, we thank you greatly for your support. For those that yet to donate, we hope that you begin to do so to support us. This is the community’s go-to website for the suite of marketing tools. WE support this site, together.




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