Website fixes and improvements

Hello EMD users,

Some of you may have noticed that the site was not getting data for several hours. We recently implemented a patch that caused several things to bug out and explode. We have now rectified these issues. Should any new issues arrive, please eve-mail Suzee Sasen in-game.

This patch was to deal with the issue of a substantial increase in market volume (about 50% increase) since the release of Ascension. You should notice a speed increase with the website. Next, some item orders were not showing up, such as the Apostle. The issue was found and fixed. Let us know if anything is still not showing up, not including Citadel orders since that data isn’t available to us yet. We will be working on getting data currency more towards realtime, as the increase in order volume has slowed the currency on our end.


I would like to take the chance to thank a couple of large donors that donated recently. Thanks to them, they paid off the remainder of last month and contributed a portion towards this month. You know who you are. Everyone else, please continue to donate or do so if you haven’t yet. We need those donations to keep the site clear of ads and more importantly, to pay the server costs.

Stay tuned for a roadmap of new features, coming soon™


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