Monthly Archives: February 2017

No love for EMD in February?

Hello EMD users,


So far for this month we have not received a single donation. Remember that the continuation of EMD is entirely up to you. Our server hosts unfortunately don’t accept payments in ISK, so please consider donating today to keep the website running by going here.

If you have any questions about the site or the current development status, feel free to shoot Suzee Sasen a mail in-game. Thank you for your continued support!



Historic Data Restored

Hello EMD users,


I am pleased to announce that we have implemented a solution to restore historic market data. Early analysis looks to be successful. Whether we keep historic data down the road however remains to be seen, as it takes up a massive amount of database space, which keeps our costs to maintain the site higher.

February Update

Hello EMD users,

Here’s an update for the month of January:


  • We’re noticing some bugs causing some orders to not appear on the front end. We’re working to rectify this.
  • We’re working to make our API faster and more responsive to calls.
  • We will soon begin making the database more lightweight, which will make the overall site quicker for all.


  • We missed our $100 goal last month by $20. Remember, this site runs off of donations from YOU. The server isn’t cheap due to how much data gets processed daily. Therefore, please consider making a donation going forward. Tell your friends too. We greatly appreciate every donation we get as it helps to keep the site running.

Feature Survey – Historic Data

Hello EMD users,

We’re conducting a survey about our historic data, whether we should continue to host it or do away with it. Please click here to take the survey, we really appreciate it.