No love for EMD in February?

Hello EMD users,


So far for this month we have not received a single donation. Remember that the continuation of EMD is entirely up to you. Our server hosts unfortunately don’t accept payments in ISK, so please consider donating today to keep the website running by going here.

If you have any questions about the site or the current development status, feel free to shoot Suzee Sasen a mail in-game. Thank you for your continued support!




5 responses to “No love for EMD in February?

  • Marcelo II


    As an unregistered user of eve-MarketData, I am surprized that you cant reach only $100 from donations…! All I can do for now is donate some ISKs and make some suggestions:
    1 – You should try advertisements banners on the website (2 Google adwords, on top and on botton per page).
    2 – Make/Mount a home server case PC to host yours websites. You only need a good internet link (50Mbps for up/down transfers is enough, server need only a quick HDD or SSD and low latency time). Then you can host not only eve-MarketData website but some others too. You earn liberty to do everything and save substantial money every month(could gain over 50% in savings). You dont have only a dedicated server, you have an entire server with ilimited dedicated servers and even more.

    I like eve-MarketData…but I cant donate money…only ISKs for now…! Ok?


    A rookie player from EVE Online

  • cakahr (in game)

    a small amount of love sent you way

  • Jason Richardson

    I know its March but as a new player your site makes eve a lot more fun for people like me. $5 is all I can swing now but I just sent it your way.

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