All call for back-end developers

Hello EMD users,

We are in need of back-end developers that are proficient in PHP, SQL, GoLang, and have a framework development mindset. If you’re interested, please contact Suzee Sasen in-game for details and to set up a chat.

My apologies for lack of communication as of late. I have been extremely busy. However, I now have things in order and will be recommitting time to the EMD project. Thank you for your continued support and patience.


6 responses to “All call for back-end developers

  • sebastiaan

    why does the deal finder and the trade routes not work

  • sp3ct0r

    I have experience with python backends, similar to ruby on rails, if you want some help. I’d be more then willing to put some time in. LTRichards is my in-game name.

  • tanchiki

    so do you still need people

  • ninjaturtle

    sent you a mail in-game

  • Mark 100

    Seems they are still in desperate need of devs, site has actually(august 31th, 2018) not refreshed since more then 5000 minutes.
    Answers are only coming when you seem to help them, so interest in people is down, only helpers are welcome.
    I suggest you take care for your real life and let the site go. Positive effect for yourself: Freedom and happiness and enough power for a carreer.
    Positive effect for all eve players: they don’t stumble every day on a dead site, when there are much faster and other sites offering actual prices.

    Was fun while it lasted, thank you.

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