This is the blog for http://eve-marketdata.com, a market information site for the game EVE Online.

3 responses to “About

  • Al Butler

    please bring back the distance from function in the market place Knowing the distance vs cost of an item lets me make better time/cost decisions on what price I am willing to pay.

  • Mark Sileikishttps://evemarketdata.wordpress.com/about/#comment-form-load-service:Facebook

    How do I set where I am?

  • Michael

    What is the buy param from buysell ?

    Sell = s

    But what is buy? It is not “b”.

    =ImportXML(“https://api.eve-marketdata.com/api/item_prices2.xml?char_name=demo&type_ids=”&643&”&region_ids=10000002&buysell=s”, “/emd/result/rowset/row/@price”)


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