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The rumors of our death were greatly exaggerated

Hello all,


After taking care of many IRL matters, I finally came back and enlisted the help of several people to get the site back up for the EVE community. With that, I am happy to say that the Deal Finder tool is once again operational. Deal finder allows you to look at a location on a region, system, or station level and compare it to Jita at some level of profit to see what you can move from that location to Jita and make a profit. This was always the most used tool back when EMD was fully operational so it only made sense to make this the first tool to bring back online.

We hope to bring other tools back up in the near future. In the meantime, if you know anyone who would like to have their hand in the project to help out, have them send an in-game mail to Suzee Sasen. Thanks to everyone for their continued support!



EMD 1.0

Hello EMD users,

tl;dr: Major improvements coming, such as current data and a better user experience. Please donate to support the site’s development and server costs.


Data is large, fast, and valuable. Many derive value from it through extensive analysis, while others simply give it a glance and go. Regardless of the kind of analysis someone performs on data, many agree on one point: data is power.

The website has been breaking under the stress of bugs and Ascension release with Alpha Clones and the increased use of citadels. Many of you have expressed disappointment, but were hopeful that all would become fixed and smooth once more. I am here to announce that the hope you have is well-founded, as there is now a roadmap in place with myself and a couple of talented developers to not only fix what is wrong, but make it better, faster, and more reliable. Expect major changes in the coming weeks. Some of the most notable changes will include:

  • More current market data, with >80% of data being up to 30 minute freshness
  • Faster response times to page requests.
  • UI redesign
    • A more pleasant user experience
  • API optimization; speed increases.

I will be pushing regular updates as we implement phases of the roadmap, which will lead to Eve-MarketData 1.0. While we undergo this, I again ask you as users to please help us pay for the server costs, and once you see sustainable improvements, increase those donations to help pay for the developers’ time. This can be achieved through paypal donations and in-game isk donations respectively. We’re excited to show you our work and what’s to come. Stay tuned!



Changes to the Buy Calculations

A few days ago I was researching some mineral prices and I saw that Arkonor was listed as being extremely cheap (clearly a bug). So I started digging into it. We all know that people can game the markets by putting in ridiculously low buy orders. This pulls the average price down, so people don’t get that pesky alert boxes about the price being too low. Anyone who glances at the prices can obviously spot the scams (ie, a billion units of trit at 0.01isk). However it took two days to figure out how to do it automatically. I just deployed the changes, the prices should be much more accurate now, including markets that aren’t being obviously gamed.

Here’s a screenshot of an un-gamed set of items:

And a screetshot of gamed items:

You can see why it took two days to figure this out…

To see a list of the Jita price changes go here:

And the list of 5pct changes:

Bug on API for buy order ranges

Bug: /api/item_orders for “buy” always returns 0 for the range.

Whoops, tracked down the bug some people were reporting that all of the ranges for buy orders in the API were zero.  That wasn’t literally true, but there was a bug that caused all new data (from the last few weeks) that was uploaded to have the range on the buy orders entered into the database as zero.   I fixed the bug, but unfortunately all the bad data is still there, that will probably take a few weeks to clear out.  Sorry about that!


Minor Improvements

The Deal Finder can now be sorted by Total Profit or by Profit/Volume.

Deal Finder, Stock Station, and Trade Routes now show the “Data Age” which is how long ago the data was updated.  So if it’s red and says “20 days ago” maybe you should double check that data before buying it.  I’ll try to include that on every page now!

All pages that let you seach now don’t care about case, so you can just type in and hit submit and it (should) work!



D’oh, lots of errors in orders

Whoops, identified a bug where a bunch of orders were being processed incorrectly.  I accidentally had a section of code inside a for loop when it should have been one level outside.  This affects a whole bunch of prices, I’ve got all my accounts updating Jita so that data should be correct within about 3 hours.

This primarily affected the “buy” orders, it affected all regions.

uploader fixed!

Fixed!  Took forever to track down, turns out the program would work fine the first time, but the second time it wasn’t clearing out the queue of queries to run, so it was exponentially running the same queries over and over and over.

The good news is that the new code is so amazingly blazing fast that the ENTIRE 50,000 upload queue was processed in about 10 minutes!

Everything is caught up now, if you find anything odd (like data not updating, incorrect data even though you just uploaded it, etc) please let me know.

Uploading delays

Due to a performance bug a lot of the uploads aren’t being processed very quickly.  That tied with my main computer going down yesterday means this might take a day to fix.  All the uploads you do are being queued, they just won’t show up yet.

Login problems fixed

Hey! Finally tracked down that login problem, thanks to Eva Evotori’s help. Turns out the cookie was being set to the domain when it should have been (one . in the front). Huge PITA to track that one down :) So, stock station, sell my hanger, etc should all be working correctly now.

Fixed long url’s bug!

Finally tracked down the API bug where you couldn’t pass in long url’s.

Turns out php 5.3 has the suhosin extension added, which limits GET vars to 512 chars (that’s enough for everyone, right?).  Thanks to Entjudner Richter for helping me track in down and making it longer.

Found any other bugs?  Join the in-game channel eve-marketdata !