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The rumors of our death were greatly exaggerated

Hello all,


After taking care of many IRL matters, I finally came back and enlisted the help of several people to get the site back up for the EVE community. With that, I am happy to say that the Deal Finder tool is once again operational. Deal finder allows you to look at a location on a region, system, or station level and compare it to Jita at some level of profit to see what you can move from that location to Jita and make a profit. This was always the most used tool back when EMD was fully operational so it only made sense to make this the first tool to bring back online.

We hope to bring other tools back up in the near future. In the meantime, if you know anyone who would like to have their hand in the project to help out, have them send an in-game mail to Suzee Sasen. Thanks to everyone for their continued support!



Issues With Automatic Subbing

Hello EMD users!




Changes to the Buy Calculations

A few days ago I was researching some mineral prices and I saw that Arkonor was listed as being extremely cheap (clearly a bug). So I started digging into it. We all know that people can game the markets by putting in ridiculously low buy orders. This pulls the average price down, so people don’t get that pesky alert boxes about the price being too low. Anyone who glances at the prices can obviously spot the scams (ie, a billion units of trit at 0.01isk). However it took two days to figure out how to do it automatically. I just deployed the changes, the prices should be much more accurate now, including markets that aren’t being obviously gamed.

Here’s a screenshot of an un-gamed set of items:

And a screetshot of gamed items:

You can see why it took two days to figure this out…

To see a list of the Jita price changes go here:

And the list of 5pct changes:

JSON changes live

The changes to JSON mentioned previously have been moved to production.  They should all be correct now.  As always if you find *any* bugs (even typos) please let me know.  All you wonderful people are my QA team, lol.



Upcoming changes to API for JSON

I’m about to rewrite how all the JSON API calls work.  I think very very few people are using them (partly because I think they don’t return proper json), but if anyone really doesn’t want me to change it please let me know ASAP.

The new code will be using the PHP  json_encode() function, so it should be much more standards-compliant.


Updated type names

Crucible 1.1 update 2 changed the name of a bunch of missiles to make them easier to understand.  Those changes have been updated for the market data, and I wrote a new tool to make it MUCH easier to keep the names in sync in the future.

If you notice any items missing, or any typos, etc please let me know!