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EMD 1.0

Hello EMD users,

tl;dr: Major improvements coming, such as current data and a better user experience. Please donate to support the site’s development and server costs.


Data is large, fast, and valuable. Many derive value from it through extensive analysis, while others simply give it a glance and go. Regardless of the kind of analysis someone performs on data, many agree on one point: data is power.

The website has been breaking under the stress of bugs and Ascension release with Alpha Clones and the increased use of citadels. Many of you have expressed disappointment, but were hopeful that all would become fixed and smooth once more. I am here to announce that the hope you have is well-founded, as there is now a roadmap in place with myself and a couple of talented developers to not only fix what is wrong, but make it better, faster, and more reliable. Expect major changes in the coming weeks. Some of the most notable changes will include:

  • More current market data, with >80% of data being up to 30 minute freshness
  • Faster response times to page requests.
  • UI redesign
    • A more pleasant user experience
  • API optimization; speed increases.

I will be pushing regular updates as we implement phases of the roadmap, which will lead to Eve-MarketData 1.0. While we undergo this, I again ask you as users to please help us pay for the server costs, and once you see sustainable improvements, increase those donations to help pay for the developers’ time. This can be achieved through paypal donations and in-game isk donations respectively. We’re excited to show you our work and what’s to come. Stay tuned!